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    17 Struggles That Every Girl Who Sucks At Eyeliner Knows To Be True

    Left eye: Honor student. Right eye: Juvenile delinquent.

    1. The first rule of eyeliner? BE REASONABLE.

    @academie_salon / Via

    2. Evening out your eyeliner can easily get out of hand.

    @purebeauty_by_lea / Via

    3. Like, really out of hand.

    @glamntrashy_xo / Via

    4. You can quickly turn yourself into a panda bear.

    @missmint91 / Via

    5. If you're not used to wearing eyeliner, your face can become a disaster zone.

    @braindr0ppings / Via

    6. Eyeliner can feel like an attack.

    @debdaly23 / Via

    7. The struggle for perfect wings can make you perpetually late.

    @kimberlybaybee / Via

    8. It's so easy to go from "normal everyday look" to "totally off the rails."

    @makeup_101930 / Via

    9. It's like your eyes have completely different personalities.

    @gennshaughnessymakeupart / Via

    10. It makes you wanna scream.

    http://@yasss.quinn / Via

    11. You're suddenly jealous of your pets.

    @marissaleighmakeup / Via

    12. You know it's gonna require extra time, love, and tenderness to get your wings to come correct.

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    13. And when you can't? There are tears.

    @jaimelyn_blondiebella24 / Via

    14. All your struggles make you appreciate the rock stars who get their wings perfect every time.

    @ahangie_lina / Via

    15. Which is why when you do get it right, it feels like such a victory!

    @h2ohair2order / Via

    16. And when you DO get your eyeliner perfect, sometimes it's hard to let it go.

    @ kikacehla / Via

    17. And you can't help but be thankful.

    @gunjeetkour / Via