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    17 Struggles That Every Girl Who Sucks At Eyeliner Knows To Be True

    Left eye: Honor student. Right eye: Juvenile delinquent.

    1. The first rule of eyeliner? BE REASONABLE.

    2. Evening out your eyeliner can easily get out of hand.

    3. Like, really out of hand.

    4. You can quickly turn yourself into a panda bear.

    5. If you're not used to wearing eyeliner, your face can become a disaster zone.

    6. Eyeliner can feel like an attack.

    7. The struggle for perfect wings can make you perpetually late.

    8. It's so easy to go from "normal everyday look" to "totally off the rails."

    9. It's like your eyes have completely different personalities.

    10. It makes you wanna scream.

    11. You're suddenly jealous of your pets.

    12. You know it's gonna require extra time, love, and tenderness to get your wings to come correct.

    13. And when you can't? There are tears.

    14. All your struggles make you appreciate the rock stars who get their wings perfect every time.

    15. Which is why when you do get it right, it feels like such a victory!

    16. And when you DO get your eyeliner perfect, sometimes it's hard to let it go.

    17. And you can't help but be thankful.