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So It Turns Out Some Men’s Beards Are Covered In The Same Bacteria That's Found In Poop

Says Albuquerque’s ABC affiliate who swabbed and tested several men's beards.

Beards. They are a wonderful thing.

They make the world go 'round.

Yes. Fantastic.

But lo, there is a problem with beards, even Jamie Dornan's: POOP.

Albuquerque's ABC affiliate swabbed and tested several men's beards and found that while some beards contained normal bacteria, others' beards contained bacteria similar to those found in fecal matter.

John Golobic, a microbiologist at Quest Diagnostics, tested material swabbed from the beards and found that they were basically as "dirty as toilets."

Not all the beards Golobic tested contained fecal matter–like bacteria. But the ones that did, he said, were "somewhat disturbing."

The solution? BEARD SCRUBBING, guys. And keeping your dirty hands away from your facial hair.

Have you broken out the hand sanitizer yet?

This post's title has been updated to more accurately reflect the findings of the study.