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    Somebody Made High Heels For Babies And I Don't Even Know Anymore

    What in tarnation.

    Just look at this picture for a second, will you?

    And this one, of these two adorable babes.

    Did you notice these babies are wearing HIGH HEELS????!??!?!?

    Is this a baby or is this my Aunt Stella getting all dolled up for her mahjong game at the Senior Center?

    This baby is definitely READY FOR THE CLURBBBBBB.

    In case you're wondering how such a ~thing~ could happen, well, these tiny beb shoes are from a company called Pee Wee Shoes. Pee Wee Shoes promises to offer "high quality baby high heels [sic] shoes" because that is definitely a thing you need.

    According to Pee Wee, "your little princess will be the belle of the ball with her first fashion statement."

    Honey Boo Boo is really into it, I'm sure.