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    24 Things You'll Definitely Recognize If You Went To A Women's College

    Never wearing a bra and smashing the patriarchy? SIGN ME UP.

    1. People think going to a women's college is something like THIS:

    2. But it's actually more like this:

    3. There's a lot of freedom.

    4. But people are sometimes v. trifling about your experiences.

    5. And they often just don't get it.

    6. Men are...unexpected.

    7. And sometimes you actually kinda forget about them entirely.

    8. ON PURPOSE.

    9. Your ideas about what's ~hot~ change.

    10. Actually? Everything is different. Like extracurriculars.

    11. Who could have guessed a cappella would be a ~thing~ you did/saw/were haunted by?

    12. But other things are different, too. Late-night convos...

    13. Getting drunk...

    14. Your approach to the heteronormative gender dialectic... You know, whatever. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    15. No one's judgmental if you don't wanna wear, you know, pants.

    16. This stupid debate is NOT a debate.

    17. Your priorities change.

    18. Life sometimes feels so UNREAL. Like, MILK AND COOKIES EVERY NIGHT?

    19. And your nightmares? WELL...

    20. But then again, tampons and pads? OOH LA LA...they're free!!!

    21. You feel looked after.

    22. And hell, you appreciate all that it has to offer.

    23. Honestly, you wouldn't trade it for the world.

    24. (And okay, there's a LITTTTTTLE bit of this.)