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Rich People Are Hunkering Down For The Apocalypse In Incredibly Elaborate Bunkers

High living during low times.

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But for THE RICH? A nuclear apocalypse or world war or whatever is no reason to downgrade.

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Bunker manufacturers like Rising S Company and Vivos are creating underground bunkers with ~all the amenities.~

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A custom kitchen in which to enjoy your canned rations? Why not.

Instagram: @risingscompany

Rising S Bunkers' Aristocrat bunker will run you $8,350,000, but it's so worth it:

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It includes sleeping for 50 people; five individual residence bunkers; five bathrooms with showers; a gym and fitness center; a bowling alley; a game room; a sauna; an indoor (ha!) firing range; a swimming pool and hot tub; and a green house, among many, many other amenities.

If you're rich, but not "housing-50-people-during-a-nuclear-sandstorm" rich, then maybe you want the Venetian bunker. It sleeps 22 people.

While this one doesn't include a pool or sauna, for $3,290,000 you can have your own health and gym complex.


And if you haven't been saving for your bunker for THAT long, but still have a pretty nice Bunker Nest Egg set up, perhaps this bunker from Vivos might work for you. They've created a shelter that accommodates 80 people, and there a few spots left.


Luxury shelters are about "surviving to have the opportunity to come out on the other side of the event, and be part of the next phase of humanity," Vivos media director Barbi Grossman told BuzzFeed.


"People are sensing that all hell is about to break loose, from North Korea to the Middle East, the potential of WW3, an economic collapse, and major Earth changes from what is believed to be Nibiru/Planet X," she continued.

And if THAT doesn't soothe your soul, let Grossman's take on the sure-to-be-coming end times comfort you:

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"We are living in very dangerous times, making the need to have a bunker life-assurance solution a must-have, for those who want to survive the events and have the opportunity to come out on the other side."