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Rapper Riff Raff Maybe Dyed His Dog Blue

Because of course.

Rapper Riff Raff really loves his dog Jody Husky.

Jody Husky is named after Riff Raff himself. Riff Raff's alter ego is Jody Highroller. THEIR LOVE IS REAL.

Puppy Jody Husky even appears on a faux mock up of Riff's latest album cover, Neon Icon.

Riff Raff is also apparently on the cutting edge of dog-dyeing technology.

At first it appeared to be Photoshop, but another pic of Jody Husky seems to show a similar blue hue.

There's a Vine where Jody Husky looks pretty blue, too!

And just in case you were worried:

We're not too surprised.

This is a man who likes to ride Cheetos, after all.

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