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Women Are Getting Pubic Hair Transplants Now

Ban the Brazilian wax?

There's some news for every woman who's ever gone through the pain and agony of a bikini wax.


There's a new anti-waxing trend in South Korea.

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Rather than pursuing any number of decorative pubic looks, women there are actually adding pubic hair.

According to a recent Refinery 29 article, up to 10% of South Korean women suffer from a condition called pubic atrichosis, which results in a lack of full coverage of pubic hair.

This is an ad for one spa that does the procedure (which supposedly takes only a few hours).

How does it work?

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Doctors use what's called micrograft technology to deposit hair bulbs into the skin. The most popular styles for pubic transplant, according to one Korean blog, are a shield and a fan.

The procedure doesn't come cheap — it costs around $2,000.

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But that hasn't stifled interest. According to the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, demand for pubic implants grew by nearly 160% between 2010 and 2012.

So maybe the anti-pube, pro-Brazilian wax tide is turning?