Man Buns Are Making Guys Go Bald And It's Kind Of The Worst

    Put the hair tie down and walk away slowly.

    Yeah, yeah, man buns are great and all...

    But they are also a SCOURGE ON YOUR HAIR.

    Studies have found that man buns can cause this thing called traction alopecia.

    What's traction alopecia? It's hair loss from continual pulling on certain parts of the hair. You know, like from when you make a man bun.

    It can leave you with receding hairlines like this.

    Or like this.

    Not cool, right, Harry Styles?

    No man bunner is exempt. Yes, EVEN YOU, DAVID BECKHAM!!!

    If you don't want to lose your glorious hair to man bun violence, switch around your hair part, or give your hair a rest day or a few in between buns.

    Or chop it all off, like Zayn.


    H/T: Mic.