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Proof That Rihanna Is Totally Winning New York Fashion Week With Perfect Bitch Face

Forget Resting Bitch Face, RiRi's perfected "Active Bitch Face."

Is it any surprise that Rihanna's totally owning New York Fashion Week?

Slouch game is on point.

She perfected the cool, calm, steely-faced fashion bitch demeanor a long time ago.


Here she is wearing a rain hat and coat at Alexander Wang and looking TOTALLY OVER IT.

See also: This super sarcastic peace out pose.

Getty Images / Craig Barritt

Speaking of Alexander Wang, RiRi got first dibs on Wang's new collaboration with H&M.


She ALSO went to the Edun fashion show, where she was seated with Laurie Anderson and Bono.

Bono's wife Allie Hewson designs the collection.
Getty Images Vivien Killilea

Bono's wife Allie Hewson designs the collection.

Bono is like "WHAT IS SHE THINKING?"

She wore a super short mini skirt and crop top to Versus Versace.

Which made the perfect cigar-smoking ensemble.


And luckily didn't clash or compete with fellow HBIC Naomi Campbell.

At Altuzarra she tried to charm the pants off Mel Ottenberg, who totally wasn't feeling it.

So she made him move and installed her friend Melissa in his place.

Technically you're supposed to wear the jacket with pants, but RiRi was like, naaaaahhhhh

For the Adam Selman show she went full femme fatale.

And then tried to murder designer Adam Selman with her pearls.

Not that he seemed to mind.
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