This Smoking Hot Guy Is Going To Be Your New Man Crush

    Say hello and what's up, hot stuff to Avan Jogia.

    Oh hi, this is Avan Jogia, and he is a babely babe.

    Maybe your new favorite babely babe.

    What can we tell you about Avan? Well, aside from his stunningly good looks and his ability to look damn fine in a suit, Avan is also a REALLY GOOD ACTOR.

    Not that you probably care, 'cos right now you're just feeling THIRSTY AF.

    But just in case:

    Most recently you can see him in the movie 10,000 Saints, with Emile Hirsch and Hailee Steinfeld.

    But he's been in tons of stuff before, including the ABC Family show Twisted and the Nickelodeon show Victorious.

    He also just appeared as King Tut in the Spike miniseries Tut, so there's that.

    But most importantly, he loves his dog.

    Has great style.

    Also this hair.


    Look into those eyes. He might be the platonic ideal or something.


    Also did we mention he can wear a scarf very well?

    Cheers Avan! You are perfect! And please, never cut your hair.