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21 People Who Should Be Fired Immediately

Go directly to life jail.

1. This bricklayer.

2. The person who stocked these sandals.

3. And the guy who refilled this soap dispenser.

4. Whoever made this mug. LIKE, FOR REAL?

5. The designers of this wall/toilet combo.

6. And the person who erected the walls of these bathroom stalls.

7. The guy who painted this YIELD marker.

8. And whoever painted this road sign.

9. The passive-aggressive dog hater who sold these frames.

10. COME ON.


12. The keeper of this soda machine.

13. The person who canned these eggs.

14. And the monster who turned this chocolate Christmas Cardinal into the Easter Bunny.

15. The banana-avoider in charge of making this sign.

16. This cake decorator.

17. The guy who kerned this type.

18. And this one, too.

19. Whoever installed this sink.

20. Whoever designed this drain.

21. And Grant. Geez, Grant.