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    Squiggle Lips Are Really Happening And Honestly I Don't Even Know Anymore

    Guys, we need to talk.

    This past week, the world was *shocked* and *awed* by Squiggle Brows.

    But life comes at ya fast, and that was literally, like, four days ago. We have now moved on to Squiggle Lips.

    For that "I'd like my lips to look like a cool cartoon version of myself" vibe.

    Some are even going full "Dr. Katz Squigglevision" and doing brows and lips together.

    It kinda reminds us of...this.

    Honestly, we're not sure how to feel about it.

    Truly not here for this nonsense.

    @MattesMetallics Listen I can barely put on lipstick let alone the squiggly lips LOL

    I mean.

    Me on this squiggly brows/lips trend

    Have we strayed too far from God's light?

    can we go back to blending makeup with chicken nuggets ⚡️ “Would you try the squiggly lips look? 👄”

    Probably, yes.

    yall thought 2016 was bad? now we got fugn squiggly eyebrows aNd squiggly lips all i hear is satan laughing and snacking on cheetos

    But listen, if you're into it, you do you. Here's a tutorial on how to get the squiggles of your dreams.

    View this video on YouTube

    All of us right now: