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This Blog Full Of Hairy Ball Landscapes Will Make You Want To Gouge Your Eyes Out (NSFW)

I wanna dip my balls in it. NSFW.

Oh hey, look at this beautiful sunset.

And this one ... wait. What is that in the foreground, obscuring the frame? Is that? OH, YES IT IS.

In fact, the blog Nutscapes captures a whole buttload of dudes who've taken it upon themselves to drop trow and take a testicle selfie in the midst of a beautiful landscape.

I call this one Gorgeous Red Rocks With Hairy Balls.

As Nutscapes' founder Clancy Philbrick explains, the site "came about organically."

"I was on a solo backpacking trip in the New Zealand," he told BuzzFeed Life. "While on top of a mountain looking out at this amazing concave glacier in the distance, I felt a great gratitude for my surroundings and a primal urge to connect on a deeper level with Mother Nature. Next thing I knew I was taking a picture of my balls dipping into the negative space above a glacier."

As you do.

The blog was originally just pictures of Clancy's balls, but it's slowly grown to include tons of user submissions.

So how does one Nutscape? Glad you asked.

"Diagrams to come."

Clancy has a lot of ideas about the artistic ~value~ of Nutscapes.

To wit: "I believe Nutscapes has great artistic depth because it touches upon both a low-brow vulgarity and a high-brow concept," he told BuzzFeed Life. Also: "Testes are fucking funny. Always have been; always will be."

But wait, he's not done.

"In our world where men run, and have ran throughout history, about 80% of the countries, the positioning of testes looming over these landscapes proposes a lot of interesting questions in regards to mankind versus nature, stewardship, environmental responsibility, future progeny, and masculine vulnerability."

It is, says Clancy, "new selfie of sorts." AND ALSO: "Intellectually, Nutscapes enters the historical conversation with a unique perspective."

MMMMKAY. Look at those hairy balls, tho.

Orrrr it's just a bunch of guys who take pictures of beautiful scenery with their balls out. You decide.