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    13 Costumes For When You Literally Give No Fucks About Halloween

    My costume is my misanthropy.

    1. Let's be real.

    2. Halloween isn't for everyone.

    3. There's a lot of pressure to come up with a good costume.

    4. Something really clever and funny.

    5. And it's HARD.

    6. Some of us would just rather not.

    7. You go ahead and douse yourself in zombie makeup but we'll be over here watching movies and staying in instead.

    8. Different strokes.

    9. So just don't get mad if some of us put in, like, ZERO EFFORT.

    10. Or aren't really psyched to dress up like one of the members of Scooby Do this year.

    11. It's just a lot of frickin' pressure.

    12. So like, chill out. Let Halloween haters do our thing.

    13. And we won't get ~too~ mad when you get fake blood all over our new fucking couch.