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    Get Ready To Have Straight-Up Nightmares With This #Museum101 Hashtag

    Museums are so extra.

    Feel like getting ~supremely~ creeped out? You're in luck! Museums — and museum fans — are sharing the creepiest things in their collections with the hashtag #Museum101. You know, like this DOLL WITH NO EYES.

    Twitter: @ahabsotherleg

    It's from the Derby Museums Charitable Trust in case you were looking for a place to avoid.

    Did you need a new thing to lose your mind over? Here's a glass jar of moles from the Grant Museum.

    Twitter: @HE_Archive

    And of course the museum has its own Twitter account.

    Uh, this lamprey? I'm looking into the abyss.

    I believe this is how 75% of all nightmares begin.

    Twitter: @EastmanMuseum

    This is from the Eastman Museum of photography, and we're not really sure what's going on here. Flexible neck? Demonic possession?

    And this haughty woman is definitely gonna haunt the shit out of you.

    Check out this weirdness from the J. Paul Getty Museum.

    You want creepy masks? We got creepy masks — from the Kozlov Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia.

    Here's even more from the Musée du Quai Branly.

    But maybe nothing tops this horse stomach infested with botflies from the Cole Zoology Museum.

    Check out more creepy AF things here. And sorry!