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Men Are Showing Off Their Killer Looks With Instagram "Suitfies"

Silly hashtag = bangin' suits.

Move over selfie, and say hello to its fly AF grown-and-sexy older brother, the SUITFIE.

#Suitfie, in case you were wondering, is basically a hashtag created for dudes to share fine as hell photos of themselves in suits.


Like this one.

And this one.

And this one.

This guy's lookin' good for the tip of his trilby to the bottom of his double monkstraps.

Bespoke suit topped off with a lil' pocket square and cognac? Well, SURE.

Tats and tie? Yes, please.

There's even the father and son suitfie.

There are just so many suit-iful ways to look fly.

So don't be shy.

Suit up.

And snap a #suitfie.