This Is The Most Terrifying Etsy Seller Ever

What are you doing in the corner???

1. Etsy seller Round the Edges Vintage carries cute stuff.


2. But holy crap, the way they style their model is like something out of a horror movie.

3. Am I right?

Dreamworks Pictures

4. What’s happening here???

5. Their model seems to be sans face?

*But wearing a delightful Afghan striped printed vest!

6. And, oh God, what’s she done to the carpet?

*In that lovely abstract patterned silk blouse!

7. Sometimes she reclines.

*Enjoying the freedom and comfort of a vintage plaid skirt.

8. Occasionally she gesticulates wildly.

*In a sheer panel cut out tank!

9. And every so often she breaks into a crazy jig.

*While sporting a ’60s pencil skirt.

10. She totally gives us chills.

11. Would you like this vintage Harley Davidson hat the girl from The Ring is wearing?


12. Didn’t think so.

Dreamworks Pictures

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