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Meet The 2-Year-Old BFFs Who Are Taking The Fashion World By Storm

Everleigh and Ava are owning the style game.

Say hello to Everleigh Soutas and Ava Foley.

These two pint-size cuties have a huge fashion following.

The girls' mothers, Savannah Soutas and Michelle Foley, have been friends for more than a decade, "so naturally, our girls were destined to be best friends," Foley told BuzzFeed Life.

Both Foley and Soutas love fashion and clothes, and passed that passion along to their daughters.

It also helps that Soutas is a professional photographer.

Soutas' candid shots have led to professional modeling gigs for the girls with Guess and the Kardashian Kids Collection, among others.

And now, several months in, they've developed their own style. For example, they have never met an accessory they didn't like.

And tutus? Yes, please.

When you look at their photos, it's definitely clear that the girls love fashion — and each other.

For more from Ava and Everleigh, follow their Instagram.