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    This Car Getting Pulverized Is The Most Mesmerizing Thing You'll See All Day

    Can't look away.

    Have you ever wondered how cars get turned into scrap metal? Well, wonder no more. This video of a car getting completely destroyed by a car shredder is just too good.

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    The clip starts out simple enough, and then quickly this car goes from solid form... badly wrecked... completely obliterated.

    Car shredders are pretty incredible. As you can see in THIS video, this VW Beetle goes into the shredder and comes out tiny pieces of scrap.

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    Car shredders use powerful hydraulic presses to crush and pulverize cars. The most powerful shredders can "eat" more than 400 cars an hour.

    To see an even more detailed version of the crush, check out this nearly four-minute-long video:

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