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Men Have Learned How To Braid Their Hair And They're Not Looking Back

Late 2015 is going to be a very good time for us.

It has come to our attention that maybe man buns need to CHILL.

More of y'all dudes need to stop and think before you think about rocking a man bun. Some y'all out here looking like

Guys, is this really what you want out of your hair? NO.

I think I found the worst man bun ever

Some people have taken rather drastic measures against man buns, but like, THERE IS ANOTHER WAY.

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And that way is man braids.

Men of color have been rocking cornrows for years, but now white guys are picking up on the trend.

Free yourself from the tyranny of the man bun with a glorious row of braids.

Or one simple French braid down the middle.

See? So easy.

Or add flowers to your mane.

There's always a side-braid option.

Like this:

Maybe even do a combo ~lewk~.

Or add a tiny braid detail on the side.

Go crazy with a crown braid.

Or keep it simple with a loose French.

Whatever you choose, remember:

Braid it, don't bunch it.