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Literally Just 100 Memes That Perfectly Describe What It's Like To Work In Retail

When they ask for the manager and you ARE the manager.

1. On the breakroom:

@imtugboat / Via Instagram: @imtugboat

2. On opening shift:

@jessakristiee / Via

3. On jokes:

4. On jokes, part II:

@emilybigboss / Via Instagram: @emilybigboss

5. On being over it:

@retailprobz / Via Instagram: @retailprobz

6. On ~teamwork~:

7. On the tedium of existence:

8. On the struggle:

@retailprobz / Via Instagram: @retailprobz

9. The struggle, part II:

@snehamakkar / Via Instagram: @snehamakkar

10. On the nightmare of weekend shifts:

@stherriault_91 / Via Instagram: @stherriault_91

11. You know this feeling:

12. On dumb questions:

@hopetothefuture / Via Instagram: @hopetothefuture

13. On the last customer of the night:

@legionofgorillas / Via Instagram: @legionofgorillas

14. Seriously, guys:

15. On your post-work ritual:

@cazzywazzyg / Via Instagram: @cazzywazzyg

16. On customer coupons:

@legionofgorillas / Via Instagram: @legionofgorillas

17. On preteens:

@mijakn / Via Instagram: @mijakn

18. On how you get ready for work:

@pinkka007 / Via Instagram: @pinkka007

19. It's something of a process:

@retailprobz / Via Instagram: @retailprobz

20. On the terror of the "clopen":

http://@lisa.witt / Via Instagram: @lisa

21. On dealing with dummies:

@bigorocker / Via Instagram: @bigorocker

22. On how quick things go from 0 to total nightmare:

@bigorocker / Via Instagram: @bigorocker

23. On dumb things customers say:

@16crowemsheena/ / Via

24. On faking it 'til you make it:

@a_smith1220 / Via Instagram: @a_smith1220

25. On the importance of sleep:

@frankie_hilton / Via Instagram: @frankie_hilton

26. On determining your priorities:

@raqueleeeee / Via Instagram: @raqueleeeee

27. On the face you've perfected:

@raqueleeeee / Via Instagram: @raqueleeeee

28. And the OTHER one you've perfected:

@raqueleeeee / Via Instagram: @raqueleeeee

30. On what you'd really like to say:

@buddhabeast1039 / Via Instagram: @buddhabeast1039

31. For real:

@littlemissmurder / Via Instagram: @littlemissmurder

32. On terrible cell phone etiquette:

@rachielou32 / Via Instagram: @rachielou32

33. On this dilemma:

@retailprobz / Via

35. On your trifling co-workers:

@lowesknows / Via

36. Can't even with them:

@dscmproblems / Via

37. On how much the little things matter:

@dscmproblems / Via

38. Like helping out your friends:


39. On people having no manners:

@retailprobz / Via

40. On completely losing your mind for a sec:

@retailprobz / Via

41. On delusional thinking:

@britanie_anderson98 / Via Instagram: @britanie_anderson98

42. On hypocritical behavior:

43. On really silly questions:

44. On the chain reaction:

@britanie_anderson98 / Via Instagram: @britanie_anderson98

46. Karma is real:

@retailprobz / Via Instagram: @retailprobz

47. On the real conundrum of your existence:

@turesfam / Via Instagram: @turesfam

48. TRUTH:

Disney/@ashlisbethg / Via Instagram: @ashlisbethg

49. On the Sisyphean hill you're constantly climbing with the merchandise.

http://@blame.it_on_my.wildheart / Via Instagram: @blame

50. On the cold, hard truth:

51. See also:

52. On true cruelty:


@lizzycake / Via Instagram: @lizzycake

54. On...~mistakes~:

55. What are words?

56. Eh, it's fine:

57. On true frustration:

58. On handling the phones:

59. On your "store personality":

Working at the cashier, and you're forced to be friendly with a chatty customer. #RetailProblems #RetailHell

60. Because what else are you supposed to do:

61. On what you're really thinking:

62. On dog creepin':

63. No:

64. No:

65. Triple fucking no:

66. When you betray your store family:

67. Honestly:

68. The pain of it all:

69. On there being a time and a place for everything:

70. On not being amused:

71. When you want to say "good luck with that":

@dirtycreamcheese / Via Instagram: @dirtycreamcheese

72. No really, GOOD LUCK WITH THAT:

@nevilleneil / Via Instagram: @nevilleneil

73. When the truth hurts:

@amberlouise_p / Via Instagram: @amberlouise_p

74. And customers cannot see the obvious:

@livefromnyitscaturdaynight / Via Instagram: @livefromnyitscaturdaynight

75. On the lack of basic human decency:

@darkwhisper8126 / Via Instagram: @darkwhisper8126

76. On people that are just so ~helpful~:

77. On the depths of your patience:

78. On entitlement:

@retailprobz / Via

79. On the six most annoying words in the English language:

80. On trying to "look busy":

@twishybird / Via

81. On the tension:

@retailprobz / Via Instagram: @retailprobz

82. On the last-minute change grab:

83. When a customer clearly doesn't understand how these things work:

84. On customer humor:

@shiftgig / Via

86. On the difficulties of customer interactions:

Instagram: @hautesouthernmess

88. Because honestly:

89. On the magic words:

90. What you'd really like to say:

91. Because actually:

92. On false intimacy:

93. On false intimacy, part II:

94. On bad timing:

95. On rudeness:

96. On small victories:

97. On solidarity:

98. On your basic instincts:

99. On eventually figuring out how the job works:

100. And finally, on getting the ultimate revenge:

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