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46 Life-Changing Style Tips Every Woman Should Know

As told to BuzzFeed by you!

Julie Gerstein /

BuzzFeed Community recently asked you to share your favorite style tips. Here are the awesome results.

1. Invest in a bra that really fits.

"Get a bra that's perfect for you. I've seen a number of outfits that could have been perfect if only she had worn the perfect bra." —Submitted by Ashley Norris (via Facebook)

2. Remember size ain't nothing but a number.

"Pay less attention to the size of something and more to the fit. I'm a small but I can buy a large in something and it's a completely different look." —Submitted by Alexis Maureen Larma (via Facebook)

3. Always bet on black.

4. Keep your closet simple.

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"I only ever wear different versions of the same thing, and stick to the one colour scheme. Has made life easier, less expensive, and I always feel great." —Submitted by Kate Walencamp (via Facebook)

5. Try this winning combination:

6. A bright scarf can make all the difference, especially in the winter.

"Cute scarves make it look like I'm at least trying." —Submitted by Jennifer Nelson (via Facebook)

7. Here's another surefire recipe for cuteness this winter:

"Try skater skirts with bright tights and top it off with a cute sweater. It looks comfy, it's warm, and best part: It looks cute." —Submitted by Lupe Antonio (via Facebook)

8. Follow this tip for longer-looking legs:

"For instant longer-looking legs: shoes in the same color as your trousers." —Submitted by Lotte Cleffken (via Facebook)

9. Experiment with lip color.

"A bold lip changes the entire feel of an outfit." —Submitted by Taylor Miles (via Facebook)

10. Find a good tailor.

11. It's all about the layers.

"Layer your shirts, blouses, tops, etc! An outfit can go from blah to amazing by just adding a simple cardigan, jacket, or plaid shirt!!" —Submitted by Shayla Bartles (via Facebook)

12. Make sure you can wear something multiple ways.

"If I can't think of at least two places to wear it, don't buy it." —Submitted by Ashley Gillard (via Facebook)

13. Try a turtleneck.

14. Invest in some super comfy pajamas.


"Luxurious pajamas. But wear clothes that are comfortable that don’t look like pajamas or gym clothes." —Submitted by amberlundyleigh

15. Fleece-lined leggings will change your life.

"Try fleece-lined leggings. These are almost too warm for me to wear to work." —Submitted by Laura Hawkenson (via Facebook)

16. Try mixing patterns very subtly.

"I wear a lot of patterned sweaters with jeans and a lightly patterned-button down. It's impossible to go wrong; as long as you have one pattern that is the main focus and another that's barely there, you look fantastic." —Submitted by Paige Harrington (via Facebook)

17. Try a high-waisted look.

18. Say something bold with a statement necklace.

"Never underestimate the power of good accessories. Many a plain outfit has been saved by the addition of a scarf, belt, or piece of jewelry. I also recommend sticking to one focal point accessory. For example, if you're wearing a big statement necklace, keep your earrings small or skip them altogether." —Submitted by Christina Szirmai (via Facebook)

19. Never underestimate the power of your accessories.

20. Combat boots for the win.

Getty Images for IMG Stephen Lovekin

"Combat boots look good with everything. Pants, skirts, leggings, tights, whatever! They also give you a bit of an edge and keep your feet warm and dry in the snow." —Submitted by myansweris42

21. Embrace color.

Timur Emek / Getty Images

"Wear colors or even just a pop of color. It’ll boost your mood!" —Submitted by madelineornnichas

22. Pay attention to the fitted/loose ratio:

Getty Images Caroline McCredie

"Wear a fitted top with loose bottom or fitted bottom with loose top." —Submitted by Taylor82

23. Ruined your dress? Make it a skirt.

24. Break out the bows.

"If I need to feel cuter than I already am, I tie a bow around my head. Thrift stores often have super-cheap vintage scarves and thinner neck scarves that work perfectly." —Submitted by isabelgracep

25. Pick out your outfit the night before.

HBO / Via

"Pick out your outfit the night before. I cannot tell you how many times I used to not bother, then be in a rush in the morning and just put on the first thing I could find in a hurry. That way you can pick something practical, stylish and feel great, rather than rushing and feeling like a hot mess all day! Plus it gives you time to pick out your accessories — which I had a habit of running out without when I would pick it out in the morning!" —Submitted byKrissie Gonzalez

26. Hem your jeans.

"Get your jeans tailored if they’re too long, don’t just cuff ‘em up (or wear down the excess length). Sure, the cuff looks cute when you’re wearing sneakers, but it doesn’t look so good if you’re trying to wear heels or nicer shoes, and the cuffs are a bear if you’re trying to zip tall boots over them." —Submitted by KieshaK

27. Make sure your shirt is the right length.

"If you wear skinny jeans, pair with a top that comes halfway down your butt." —Submitted by MadisonED

28. Balance your upper and lower body.

Getty Images Daniel Zuchnik
Getty Images

"My style is really minimalist. The simpler, the better. I always try to have a balance between what I'm wearing in my upper and lower body. If I'm wearing some simple jeans or a simple skirt, I try to add some scarves or lots of necklaces. If I wear lots of neck accessories I avoid using big hats and lots of bracelets. And it's the other way round: If I'm wearing some saggy jeans with a huge belt I try to keep it simple in the upper body. " —Submitted by Valeria Bernal Malek

29. Mix florals and graphic patterns.

Getty Images / Mike Coppola

"Mix florals with graphics, feminine and masculine, plenty of textures. And if clothes don't fit or you have zero confidence not even head-to-toe Dior will look good on you."—Submitted by Monika Mag (via Facebook)

30. Belts can make everything better.

31. Rock some red.

"My secret? The color red. Nothing says, “Hello world, here I am!” like a bold sweater and ruby lips to match." —Submitted by joceylns2

32. Don't hide your wonderful self.

33. Remember that it's all in the details.

"I pay attention to detail, keep my clothes pressed, nails neat, and always throw on heels." —Submitted by giselag4971b1008

34. Pencil skirts 4-ever.

35. Spice up your outfit with colored denim.

36. Here's an easy trick:

37. Follow the rule of three.

Timur Emek / Getty Images

"Never base your outfit on more than three colors. It just ends up looking like a hot mess. And make sure you don’t OVER-accessorize." —Submitted by baileyb46768aed7

38. Get yourself some comfy, well-fitting undies.

39. Invest in a clothing steamer.

"Steamers don’t take nearly as long as ironing and it’s so much easier. It completely changed what kind of clothes I bought. 'Will this wrinkle? Doesn’t matter now!'" —Submitted by sarahkaitlinp

40. Hats, hats, hats.

Getty Images

"Hats: They protect you from the elements, there’s a style for every outfit, and they’re an awesome way to style your head when you don’t have the time or inclination to subdue your hair." —Submitted by hannahp4aad0cff9

41. Go ahead, get weird.


"If you feel like wearing weird things, just wear them. The more you do so the more people get used to it, and eventually they think it's strange if you show up in jeans and a T-shirt." —Submitted by Casey Romano (via Facebook)

42. Keep it simple.

Getty Images for IMG Timur Emek

"If it’s something you won’t want to have to re-do every time you go to the bathroom or bend over or sit down, you may want to rethink the outfit decision." —Submitted by zoeriyama

43. And classic.

Getty Images for IMG Timur Emek

"Classic pieces of clothes will always beat trend pieces. Save money, your style will be timeless! Classics are classics for a reason, e.g. classic white shirt, black ballet pumps. They’ll never let you down!" —Submitted by amyjos

44. Remember: The world is your runway.

Fashion TV /

"I basically treat the world as my runway; I wear what I want and what I think looks good on me and don't give a damn about what anyone else thinks." —Submitted by Rachel Schiff (via Facebook)

45. And confidence is your most important accessory.

Getty Images Vanni Bassetti

"Regardless of what you wear, sport a good attitude and you will always look good. A skater skirt? Hoodie? Tights with a ladder running up your whole leg? Team them with a bit of confidence and you’ll look like a badass!" —Submitted by mahimalemurllamak

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