Kim Kardashian Lied To Kanye And Secretly Saved All Her Old Clothes For Their Daughter

    Keeping up with the kloset drama.

    Hard to believe, but there once was a time when KIMYE was fresh and new, their love a MERE GLIMMER IN OUR EYES.

    Back then, Kim invited Kanye to go through all her belongings and toss out whatever didn't meet his high-fashion criteria. It was all really spontaneous.

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    Just kidding! It was for an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

    This bag did not make the cut.

    But Kanye, YA BURNT! 'Cause Kim actually secretly kept all of it — probably in one of her, like, 70 closets or something — just so her daughter could have it all one day. In a new Snapchat, she shared just some of the v. expensive shoes she saved for North.

    Off camera, Kim says, "I saved them for you. Do you like them? They’re so glittery like Cinderella!” To which North replies, "Yeah, but Mom, I [got to go] potty.”

    I mean, same.

    Kim also shared her extensive fashion archive, which includes not just designer clothes she's worn and catalogued for the last decade, but ALSO things she hasn't even gotten around to wearing yet.

    Kim showed off her backlog of Balmain gowns that are just ~collecting dust~ waiting for her daughter to grow up.

    North, you are one lucky kiddo.