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    Posted on Mar 19, 2017

    Katy Perry Reveals She's Definitely Done More Than Just "Kissed A Girl"

    The singer spoke out at a Human Rights Campaign awards dinner.

    Katy Perry's first hit song was "I Kissed a Girl," but until now, she's denied that any girl-on-girl action actually ever took place.

    At the time the song came out, Perry — who'd previously been a Christian pop singer — initially denied the song was based on anything that'd happened in real life.

    But on Saturday, Perry accepted the National Equality Award from the Human Rights Campaign at a gala dinner in Los Angeles and revealed the song was just the tip of the sexuality iceberg for her.

    "I speak my truths, and I paint my fantasies into these little bite-size pop songs. For instance, 'I kissed a girl and I liked it.' Truth be told, I did more than that," she told the audience.

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    Perry admitted she kept her true feelings hidden initially because she felt like "'sleazy' male journalists" were overly titillated by the story.

    "How was I going to reconcile that with a gospel-singing girl raised in youth groups that were pro-conversion camps? What I did know was I was curious, and even then I knew sexuality wasn't ... black and white."

    "Honestly, I haven't always gotten it right," she continued. "But in 2008, when that song came out, I knew that I started a conversation, and a lot of the world seemed curious enough to sing along, too."

    Perry previously angered many in the gay community when she released her follow-up to "I Kissed a Girl," the song "Ur So Gay" in 2008.

    She credits her music career with helping her break out of her "bubble."

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    "No longer can I sit in silence,” she said. “I have to stand up what I feel is true and that is equality and justice for all, period."

    You can watch her full speech here.

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