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Kat Von D Refuses To Change The Name Of Her "Underage Red" Lipstick

The tattoo artist and makeup mogul says she won't apologize for the name.

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But a Sephora shopper recently called out Von D for naming one of her shades "Underage Red."

Went shopping for some makeup. How on earth is this a lipstick color?


Von D wrote that she is “sole creative force" behind the brand and explained her inspiration.

Von D said the shade was inspired by her memories of when she was 16 and too young to get into rock shows. "I [...] remember the feeling of wanting so badly to go see a specific concert at this age, and not being able to get in to the venue because I was underage," she said.

"These wild, and horrific accusations proclaiming that any aspect of my makeup line would ever promote the degradation of women, statutory rape, sexual behavior, human trafficking, underage drinking, or even idealization of fleeting youth, goes against everything I stand for."

"If you read the word 'underage' and you automatically jump to a disgusting conclusion, I ask you to perhaps question your own mind and thoughts," she said, before stating that she would refuse to pull the shade from her collection or issue an apology.

This isn't the first time Von D's gotten into trouble for a lipstick name: In 2013, Sephora pulled her "Celebutard" shade from its shelves after customers and developmental disabilities groups complained.


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