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These Brutally Honest Cakes Actually Say What You're Thinking

Say "you're old and have a small penis" in chocolate icing, mmkay?

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On Tuesday, the twitter account @PrimeTimeTags asked users to share their #HonestCakeMessages, and WHOA BOY did they deliver.

There were a lot of really honest cakes.

And situation-specific cakes. Like this resignation sheetcake.

#HonestCakeMessages I once gave my notice on a cake. My boss said it had to be in writing and signed, he didn’t spe…

Sometimes the cakes were angry.

Like, actually a little aggressive.

Other cakes were actually, well, sad.

Important messages were delivered.

So... I went to the doctor... #HonestCakeMessages

Matt definitely got it.

Some guys should be called by that name anyway... #HonestCakeMessages

And whoever was gifted this cake definitely did not.

@hitRECordJoe "I think we should see other people" on a cake. #HonestCakeMessages #tragicallydelicious

Anyway! Enjoy!

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