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    It's Officially "Dudes Wearing Shorts In The Snow" Season

    R ur shins on fire, bro?

    1. It's that time again.

    2. When guys start breaking out their puffy coats and basketball shorts.

    3. You know, this mindbending non-sensical combination.

    4. Winter on the top and summer on the bottom.

    5. Warm fronts meeting cool fronts.

    6. Chill meets no chill.

    7. Every year, this combination confuses and frightens.

    8. It confounds the perpetually cold among us.

    9. What even?

    10. Bros are always shoveling in shorts like it's no big deal.

    11. Making shorts angels.

    12. And trying to catch special snowflakes.

    13. Bro, you so crazy!

    14. Bro.

    15. Go home! (And put on some pants.)