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    Let These Badass Boss Ladies Show You The Secrets To Dressing Like A Rock Star At Work

    Let these amazing boss ladies show you how to work work work work work.

    1. Katie Hunt, chief branding officer at dating app Hinge

    2. Anne Kohlhagen, makeup artist

    3. Anna Balkrishna, editorial director at the digital marketing agency Huge

    4. Maxine Bédat, CEO of sustainable clothing shop Zady

    5. Vicki Fulop, founder of bedding company Brooklinen

    What I do: I make awesome bed sheets (and home essentials). More broadly, I'm co-founder of Brooklinen, and as we're still a small startup, I do a little bit of everything — from heading up our PR to providing overall creative direction for the brand.

    My style: Professional style to me means put-together and tailored, but still effortless. I love a work-uniform — a skinny jean, a perfect white tee or button-down, a leather jacket, and a great shoe, like a platform oxford, ankle bootie, or sneaker. It's clean and chic, feels great, and you can run around from one meeting to the next comfortably!

    6. Naheed Hadjisoffi, stylist

    What I do: I'm a fashion stylist here in NYC, which on a daily basis is not nearly as glamorous as it seems. Its hard to balance looking cute and stylish (so I continue to book jobs) with being comfortable (so I am physically able to do my job!).

    My style: My personal style is chic casual — I work in fashion so I do wear a lot of black, but I love to show personality through a cool graphic tee, a hat, and especially through footwear. I even designed my own Nikes so I could be comfortable and also turn heads. If I have an event, that's where I take things up a notch and edge up with heels, a great bag, and designer pieces.

    7. Emilie Aries, founder and CEO of Bossed Up

    8. Maly Ly, founder and CEO of diversity networking technology firm Percena

    What I do: I'm the CEO and founder of Percena, a networking technology that connects women, LGBT [people], and minorities to career opportunities. Besides growing startups, my other passion is music and I've been promoting artists and musicians at my events in San Francisco.

    My style: In work and in play, I'm most confident when I stay true to myself. I prefer elegant and crisp silhouettes and I like to take risks, especially with the details. My aesthetic tends a bit darker and edgier. My favorite designers are Alexander McQueen, Balmain, Rick Owens, Givenchy, Roland Mouret, and Saint Laurent.

    9. Kafi Drexel, Founder & CEO of Madison + Sage LLC

    What I do: Madison + Sage LLC is my own communications business where I operate as a contributing journalist for various national print, magazine, and online publications. I also provide media consult services for leading lifestyle brands.

    My style: My style is a bit of punk mixed with southern prim. When you mix them together, you get a pretty cool and unique NYC look! It’s also important to throw in a little bit of whimsy to your look — or at least I think it is. I spruce up a classic, white J.Crew blouse with gifts from friends like subtle diamond charm bracelets and fun unicorn necklaces from Kate Spade. The look can upgrade with a black cigarette pant and heels or be more casual with vintage boyfriend Levi’s and 80/20 faux pony hair flats.

    For any moment where I need a fast, higher-end interview or business meeting look, I rely on shirt dresses from Billy Reid, Meg Shops, Madewell, and a super clean white Origami pleat dress I picked up from Anthropologie last spring.

    10. Debbie Sterling, CEO and co-founder of GoldieBlox

    11. Steph Korey and Jen Rubio, founders of luggage company Away

    12. Maresa Ponitch, owner Dusty Rose Vintage

    13. Erika Gonzalez, training and technical assistance senior attorney at the Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking

    14. Grace O'Sullivan, CEO of consulting firm Rare Fiber

    15. Angela Jia Kim, founder of Om Aroma & Co. and Savor Spa

    16. Kate Bahn, economist at the Center for American Progress

    17. Annie Sloan, advertising creative lead and commercial television director at R/GA

    18. Jeralyn Gerba, co-founder of travel site Fathom

    19. Jessica Grose, editor-in-chief of Lenny

    20. Leesa Evans, celebrity stylist and Hollywood film costume designer

    21. Claire Mazur and Erica Cerulo, founders of Of a Kind

    What we do: We founded Of a Kind, where you can get amazing pieces from emerging fashion designers along with the stories behind them (we’re talking everything from city guides and studio tours to recipes and reading lists). And if you like all of that, you’ll be way into the “10 Things” newsletter and A Few Things podcast we produce every week to share our very favorite recent finds.

    Claire's style: The thing I’ve learned (the hard way, too many times, TBQH) is that it doesn’t really matter what I’m wearing so much as if I like how I look and if I’m comfortable. Is that trite? Well, who cares: It’s true. And I feel pretty strongly about it. If I don’t feel great about my appearance, I have a harder time projecting confidence in general. And if I’m fussing with a too-tight skirt or my toes are crammed into an unforgiving shoe, I have less energy and focus to put towards world domination. This dress and these slides are going to get me through a lot of long days of meetings this summer. No waistline, no heels, no problem — that’s my mantra.

    Erica's style: I stick to a pretty simple — OK, fine, boring — color palette of black, gray, beige, and denim-y blue. Here’s the thing: I want everything in my closet to go together so I don’t have that one sweater that only works with a single pair of pants. It helps me to narrow my selection when I go shopping, too, and to hone in on the things I’ll genuinely wear the crap out of. To keep my outfits from looking too minimalist bland, I jazz things up by playing with texture (neoprene with jeans, etc., etc.!) and by throwing in a loud accessory here and there. Because you wouldn’t accuse a cowhide clutch or a fringed bracelet of being drab, right?

    22. Lily Fierman, co-founder of marketing and PR firm preston+lenore

    23. Jessica Teves, editor-in-chief of Stylecaster

    24. Kerry O'Brien, founder and designer of Commando

    25. Caroline Ghosn, founder of Levo

    What I do: I am the founder and CEO of, the largest and fastest-growing professional network for millennials in the first 10 years of our careers. I believe that you can live a life you're passionate about and finding and exercising your calling is a fundamental component of that.

    My style: Work style is about showcasing your authentic strength and getting into your flow. I wear white every day. The ritual of slipping into this monochromatic uniform becomes a form of meditation that sharpens my focus and turns my brain on in the morning. I love it.

    26. Millie Tran, director of global adaptation, BuzzFeed

    27. Marissa Webb, designer