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    Posted on Nov 15, 2016

    You Need To See This New Amazing Hologram Lip Trend

    Get glossy.

    You guys, regular ol' lipstick can be so boring. Which is why the latest ~beauty thing~ errrrybody's freaking out about is HOLOGRAM LIPS.

    @1500px / Via Instagram: @1500px

    Look how friggin' otherworldly this looks!

    @nah__melo / Via

    So rich!

    @karmelmarie / Via

    So lush and multidimensional!

    @sigmabeauty / Via

    The easiest way to get the high-octane look? Try a Lip Switch gloss from Sigma Beauty.

    @sigmabeauty / Via

    The holographic glosses come in five shades and offer a range of prismatic options and tones. You can wear 'em alone or over a lipstick base for extra depth and shine.

    @sigmabeauty / Via Instagram: @sigmabeauty

    Here's what it looks like going on.

    Look how amazing the gloss looks over dark blue lipstick.

    @nah__melo / Via

    Now go forth and gloss on!

    @sigmabeauty / Via