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    H&M Debuts A $99 Wedding Dress

    But will brides actually buy it?

    This is H&M's new $99 wedding dress.

    It's an affordable alternative to typical wedding gowns, which cost, on average, $1,053, according to the Association of Bridal Consultants.

    The gown includes a fitted waist and beaded embellishment along the neckline.


    It'll be available later this month.

    This isn't the brand's first foray into wedding dresses, but it is its most affordable.

    H&M / Via

    Their 2006 Viktor & Rolf collection included a wedding dress that retailed for $349. That's not super expensive for a wedding dress, but it isn't particularly affordable for H&M, either.

    H&M isn't the only mass retailer to offer affordable wedding gowns. Target's TEVOLIO line comes in around $99 too.

    It also offers bridesmaid dresses.

    And J.C. Penney has a $64.99 wedding gown.

    It's on clearance!

    If H&M's $99 dress is successful, it could potentially revolutionize the wedding gown industry.

    As the Washington Post's Caitlin Dewey writes, "H&M is essentially telling brides that what they wear on their wedding day has no bearing on how much they love their spouse-to-be." Which is something we all knew anyway, right, guys? Right?