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These Terrible Knockoffs Are Why You Shouldn't Buy A Wedding Dress Online


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Knock Off Nightmares warns that ordering from cheap online retailers that promise to you an "unbelievable" bargain gown or a beautiful designer dress for a tiny price are most likely scams.

Facebook: KnockoffNightmares

Even pages that purport to have thousands or millions of fans can be scams. Just because a site has a pretty designer picture on its page doesn't mean that's at all what will be delivered to your door.

The problem is when sites use designer stock photos to try and sell designer knock off dresses.

Facebook: KnockoffNightmares

The creators of Knock Off Nightmares warn on their Facebook page, "there are no online sites that show stock designer photos at a fraction of the real price that we ever would recommend. You are not getting the dress in the photo, you are getting their knock off version — which can vary from 'ok, I can get away with this' to 'not on my worst day would I wear this.'"

What's worse, site owners often falsify testimonials to make their products look better. According to Knock Off Nightmares, "You never know what you are going to get because testimonials can not be trusted; site designers add the testimonials, so they can add what ever they want. Some people actually have decent experiences and that is great, but most people don't."


Instead of risking getting a less than great dress from a less than reputable website, Knock Off Nightmares has a few suggestions.

Facebook: KnockoffNightmares

"First, check your local bridal store clearance rack, nothing beats having the ability to try it on and take it home," they wrote on their Facebook page. "Most bridesmaid dresses come in white and ivory, so try those, too! There are a ton of cancelled weddings every year, and you can get a name brand designer at a huge discount on Ebay,,, and Lastly, there are low-cost options on sites that show pictures of the dress on a mannequin, and in most cases, they are showing you their actual version."