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    Here's What You Should — And Shouldn't — Wear On A Job Interview


    Job interviews are, like, the least fun thing on the planet.

    And figuring out the right thing to wear to the interview can be the difference between being THIS GUY:

    And THIS GUY:

    But don't cry: We're gonna get you situated. Here's what you should and shouldn't wear to ace a job interview.

    1. First thing's first: Remember that It's better to be overdressed than underdressed.*

    2. Dress with the company in mind.

    3. Wear clothes that fit.

    6. When in doubt, wear a blazer.

    5. Pay attention to what your interviewer tells you about the place when picking your outfit.

    6. If you're interviewing remotely, think about the rest of the space that your interviewer will see.

    7. Just say NO to hoodies and knit caps.

    8. Don't treat the interview like it is your own personal porn audition. Unless the interview is actually a porn audition.

    9. Take your goddamn sunglasses off.

    "I'm a manager at a financial regulator. I have had someone come in for an interview wearing a pastel pink golf shirt with a popped collar. Not kidding. Also, sunglasses are fantastic at protecting your eyes but take them off your head when you interview." — Jamie, manager at a financial regulator

    10. Don't overdo it with the perfume.

    11. And a couple of other things: Don't bring a snack.

    12. And don't bring FRIENDS, you monster.

    13. Be yourself. But, like, the best version of yourself.