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19 Kids Around The World Share Their Most Treasured Toys

From toy trucks to stuffed tigers, marbles to iPads.

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Dollar Street is a project to collect information and photos on how people live around the world. Founded by Anna Rosling Rönnlund of the nonprofit Gapminder, Dollar Street aims to show how people actually live.

The project collects dozens of images from each family, including their eating and sleeping spaces, the tools they wash and clean with, and their children's toys.

Why toys? "Early childhood experts say that playing is important for childhood development," explained writer Martha Nicholson on the Dollar Street site. "Families living under the poverty line are not able to buy purpose made toys to play with. Instead, children play together with everyday things in and outside their homes."

The above toy is from a family in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Below, a selection of the kids' favorite toys from the 50 countries and 294 families Dollar Street captured.

1. Bangkok, Thailand — A stuffed bear.


2. Tunis, Tunisia — A stuffed deer.

3. Gyeongbuk, South Korea — A Barbie.

4. Domboshawa, Zimbabwe — A toy truck.

5. Chepali, Nepal — A stuffed dog.


13. Uppsala, Sweden — Legos.


16. Kjustendil, Bulgaria — Stuffed monkey.

17. Santa Catarina, Brazil — Barbie mermaid and guitar.

18. Central Plateau, Haiti — A homemade toy car.