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Here's What Breakfast Looks Like In 28 Countries Around The World

Breakfast(s) of champions. H/T Quora.

1. People eat toast with sprinkles on it in the Netherlands!

It's called hagelslag and it's basically toast with butter, speculoos, Nutella, or peanut butter TOPPED WITH SPRINKLES!!!

2. What's in a German breakfast? What ISN'T in a German breakfast?

3. Turkish breakfasts, too, totally dominate when it comes to variety.

4. In the Spanish region of Andalusia, people snack on simple bread with olive oil and salt.

5. A full English breakfast consists of eggs, toast, beans, sausages, and black pudding.

6. And in Italy, people start their days with a cappuccino and cornetto.

7. Pączki, or jelly donuts, are a Polish fave.

8. Banitza — a flaky pastry made with filo dough, eggs, and feta cheese — gets Bulgarians ready for their day.

9. Pandesal makes for great breakfasts in the Philippines.

10. In China, folks chow down on a classic — youtiao with soy milk.

11. Broken rice with grilled pork, a steamed egg, and a bit of is the breakfast of champions in Vietnam.

12. In Malaysia, nasi lemak makes the menu.

13. Koreans tend to eat the same kind of dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

14. Congee — a porridge dish that's usually flavored with cuttle fish, pork, or eggs — is always on the menu in Singapore.

15. Northern Indian families feast on poori masala in the mornings.

16. While in Southern India, idli is a morning fave.

17. Iranians devour haleem — a rich stew made from wheat, lentils, meat, and spices.

18. In Pakistan, those craving a big breakfast order halwa puri.

19. In Israel, shakshuka is always on the menu.

20. Moroccan breakfasts include eggs, breads, and tons of spreads.

21. Mandazi are delicious cardamom-flavored doughnuts eaten in Kenya and across East Africa.

22. A simple dish of ful medames often makes breakfast plates in Egypt.

23. Folks in Costa Rica make gallo pinto for brekkie.

24. Chilaquiles — tortilla chips smothered in green or red sauce and topped with cheese and egg — are tops in Mexico.

25. Venezuelans love cachapas, which are corn pancakes filled with cheese and sometimes meat.

26. Tacacho con cecina are a favorite Peruvian breakfast street food.

27. Colombians munch on pandebono while sipping thier morning coffee.

28. Brazilians enjoy French bread, coffee, and a bit of fresh fruit.

Are you hungry yet?

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