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    Here's The Cast Of "Heathers" Then And Now

    Fuck me gently with a chainsaw.

    Fact: Heathers is the greatest teen movie of all time.

    Here's what the cast is up to now.

    Winona Ryder (Veronica Sawyer) currently stars on Stranger Things.

    Shannon Doherty (Heather Duke) went on to star in Beverly Hills: 90210 and Charmed.

    Lisanne Falk (Heather McNamara) stopped acting in the late '90s.

    Kim Walker (Heather Chandler) died of a brain tumor in 2001.

    Christian Slater (J.D.) was dating Kim Walker at the time of filming.

    Before playing dumb jock Ram Sweeney in Heathers, Patrick Labyorteaux was a child actor on Little House on the Prarie.

    Lance Fenton (Kurt Kelly) stopped acting in the late '80s.

    Carrie Lynn (Martha "Dumptruck" Dunnstock) was only ever in two other films.

    Renée Estevez (Betty Finn) is actually the half sister of Emilio Estevez and Charlie Sheen, and the daughter of Martin Sheen.