11 Craigslist Ads That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

    Are you a monster, bro?

    Finding an apartment can be annoying, but it shouldn't be the most fucking CREEPY THING YOU HAVE EVER DONE IN YOUR LIFE.

    And yet. Looking for living situations on Craigslist can sometimes involve wading through a bunch of human garbage fires.

    1. Are you a female in need of an "arrangement"?

    2. Free rent, just don't ~talk ghetto~ and have "class" but also be down to fuck your roommate in exchange for a living situation, nbd.

    Just to be clear.

    3. This guy has a "california kin side bed" and a FAX.

    4. $10 room for housekeeping and "companionship."

    5. Live in this guy's house for $200 as long as you let him come over and have sex with you whenever he wants.

    I was wondering if he had this arrangement with all the roommates in the house or just this one. So I asked him.

    6. Enjoy a room in a luxe high-rise surrounded by a bunch of heavy weights that could potentially kill you.

    7. Are you an understanding young lady? Otherwise back off.

    8. Mabey FWB?

    9. Cool story, married bro.

    10. It's totally normal to put your height, weight, and race in a housing ad, right? And ask for cuddling, also? I'm NEW TO THIS.

    11. And finally, go ahead, be Mitch's seafaring babe.