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    13 GIFs That Prove You've Been Folding Everything Wrong

    Get your drawers in order already.

    1. Here's a neat way to fold a tee.

    2. To save space, you can fold and then basically roll your jeans.

    3. You want that ~ fresh retail lewk ~? Use a magazine to keep your shirts straight.

    Here's a step-by-step look at that approach.

    4. What is this shirt folding sorcery?

    5. How about the perfect underwear fold?

    6. Or you could do it this way.

    7. Save your blazer from wrinkles by folding it just so.

    8. To store your bras in a small space, stack them all and fold them over.

    9. Don't hang your sweaters and get droopy sweater sleeves. Use the Kon Mari folding method to fold your sweaters as small as possible.

    10. BUT! If you don't have any room in your drawers, you can use this cool method to hang your shirts on hangers without stretching them out.

    11. Traveling? Here's how to pack your shirts for optimal space.

    12. If you're only going overnight here's an easy way to pack a T-shirt, socks, underwear, and a tooth brush for travel.

    13. AND BONUS! Here's how to fold a fitted sheet.