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    All The Crazy Looks From The 2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

    Angels errrrrywhere.

    Vibe: sexy coed who forgot her pants.

    Vibe: Sexy waitress taking your order.

    Vibe: early autumn snowflake.

    When you aspire to look like a Thanksgiving turkey.

    So peach!

    So red.

    So much crystal fringe.

    A modest amount of feathers.

    Baby wings, really.

    An optical illusion.

    Pssst you got a dragon on you, lady.

    Okay wait, what?

    Girl, you gotta lotta feathers.

    Cool skeleton look, I guess.

    Be careful, you might trip on those ribbons.

    Goth lite.


    This look is ... questionable.

    For when you have a freezing cold neck but a hot butt.

    For when you're about to be engulfed by your own clothes.

    For when you're auditioning for a part as a bullfighter later, so...

    When your nightmares find you in real life.

    When MY nightmares come out and find you in real life.

    Please, no, not the PINK-emblazoned harem pants!

    Made from trash, forged in steel.

    Probably something Rory Gilmore would find sexy.

    What, she has a stuffed animal sheep. Seems legit.

    Baby wings.

    Aliens 4, the outfit.

    A lot going on here.

    Honestly this outfit seems kind of complex.

    Well, that seems a little excessive.

    Also Bruno Mars was there.