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    A Thing Called Hand Salad Is Making People So Mad

    Stop trying to make "hand salad" happen, guys.

    There is a thing called "hand salad." What is it? It's lettuce, dipped in ranch, that you eat with your hands. YUP.

    Or as the website Epicurious explains, "snaggable, snackable wedges" that "have more in common with a bowl of party mix than any perfunctory salad." Mmkay.

    On Monday, Bon Appétit tweeted out a new recipe for "hand salad" with yogurt-lemon dressing, and it was received with a mixture of glee and annoyance.

    People felt anger.

    Some said Bon Appétit was doing it wrong.

    And offered creative pairings.

    Other foods were given the ~hand~ treatment.

    And of course there were jokes to be had.

    Hand salad, you're just too much.