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This Glow-In-The-Dark Lingerie Lights Up Sexy Times

Because you light up my sex life.

Is your partner having trouble fumbling with your bra clasp during THE SEX?

Do things get confusing/bewildering/boring when you turn off the lights?

Then maybe you ought to give LuminoGlow's glow-in-the-dark lingerie a whirl.

The Australian company's latest collection, Aurora, includes a chemise, a babydoll, a bra and panty separates, and a thong that all boast magical glow-in-the-dark powers.

Each garment is made from LuminoGlow luxe lace, which is specially treated to turn bright green when the lights go off.

In order to activate it, you simply need to hold the lingerie close to a bright lamp for three or four minutes.

And in case you were worried that your pretty lingerie would be a emit a green light all night, the charge only lasts an average of about ten minutes.

So glow on and enjoy it.

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