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16 Hot French Babes Whose Style You Should Totally Steal

Oui oui, mon amour.

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1. Lou Doillon

This actress, model, and musician is basically French royalty: She's the daughter of Jacques Doillon and Jane Birkin, and the sister of Charlotte Gainsberg, and OMG does she have perfect bangs.


4. Anna Mouglalis

Anna Mouglais played Coco Chanel in a movie once. She also named her daughter Saul. Obviously she is pretty cool.

6. Charlotte Gainsbourg

Jane Birkin's other daughter, you might recognize her from the movie Antichrist (if you're the type of masochist who watches later-era Lars Von Trier films). She and her half sister Lou Doillon are basically perfection.

8. Aïssa Maïga

Maïga was the first black woman to be nominated for a Cesar Award (basically the French Oscars), so that means she's stylish and a TOTAL boss.


9. Leila Bekhti

French-Algerian Bekhti stars in the TV show Midnight Sun where she plays a cop, which makes sense because she's obvi got that red lipstick on lock.

11. Lea Seydoux

The star of Blue Is The Warmest Color and Spectre looks equally amazing in a menswear-inspired look as a femme-ed up ballgown. Lucky her.

13. Sylvie Vartan

Vartan, along with France Gall, epitomized the '60s yé-yé pop sound. She had a string of international hits, and yeah, got to hung out with The Beatles so that's ~ pretty cool ~.

15. Anna Karina

Karina was one of the major faces of French New Wave cinema, and it's easy to see why. Hello piercing stare and perfect eyebrow arch.

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