21 Foot Care Tricks To Treat Your Tired And Sore Feet

    Everybody get footloose.

    1. If you've got tons of dry, scaly skin on the bottoms of your feet, try a Baby Foot exfoliating mask.

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    2. Or give this soothing pumpkin foot scrub a try.

    3. Treat your cracked heels with a little vinegar and Listerine (really!).

    4. Don't go barefoot — if you can help it.

    5. Lavender and peppermint foot cream can also calm your cracked and aching feet.

    6. The same rules that apply to your fingernails apply to your toenails.

    7. Make sure you wear shoes that actually fit.

    8. To get rid of calluses and corns, make a microplane your friend.

    9. Treat your heels to this soothing concoction.

    10. Or give the Pedi-Rock a go.

    11. Try a refreshing peppermint foot scrub.

    12. Pamper your toes with rosemary and olive oil.

    13. Switch out your metal emery boards for glass ones.

    14. After being crammed into shoes all day, treat your toes to something special.

    15. Give yourself a quick foot massage with a tennis ball.

    16. Try a little reflexology.

    17. Disinfect your shoes with Lysol to get rid of odors.

    18. DIY a pair of heel-protecting summer socks.

    19. Keep your pedicure tools to yourself.

    20. Treat your cuticles, too.

    21. Don't forget the suncreen.