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16 Foods Who Are Feeling A Little Lost Right Now


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1. Fresh fruity meats.

2. Potatoes in their natural skins.

3. Many potato beards.

4. Delicious long yellow things.


5. So many colorful bananas.

6. Cheese enchiladas? Cheese enchiladas.

7. Definitely goes great with onions and avocados.

8. Check out all these healthy snacks.


9. Juicy fresh watermelons.

10. Ooh, a chocolately, coconut-y Spunow bar!

11. Ripe, green, bell peppers.

12. Hairy, sweet, juicy organic grape tomatoes.


13. Green tomatoes? Sure.

14. These vitamin C-packed oranges.

15. Fresh tunafish.

16. And finally, WHAT?