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    25 Guys Who Used Their Photoshop Skills To Get Hot Girlfriends

    No girlfriend, no problem!

    1. This sweet lover, who posed with his girlfriend and his awesome poster collection.

    2. This guy who commemorated his date with Rihanna.

    3. And this guy who has not one but TWO super hot girlfriends.

    4. This guy who shared an intimate moment with his lady friend Angelina Jolie.

    5. This super cool dude.

    6. This guy whose swimsuit model girlfriend traversed the time-space continuum to be with her man.

    7. This guy whose girlfriend seems a little two-dimensional.

    8. This cool dude who had a Very Special Christmas.

    9. This smooth lover.

    10. This short-shorts fanatic.

    11. This blurry bro.

    12. This guy, who showcased both his beautiful girlfriend's arm and his copious stacks of cash.

    13. This tattooed cool guy.

    14. This man who created a dream vacation with his special legless lady.

    15. This serious lover.

    16. This sensual soul.

    17. This fantastic socks-and-sandals-wearer.

    18. This romantic gent.

    19. This cool bro, who had a hot date on the side of the highway.

    20. This total baller.

    21. This happy camper.

    22. These three, whose girlfriends are kind of animated.


    23. This glowing guy.

    24. This sweet black and white bro.

    25. And Paris Hilton's boyfriend.