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25 Life-Changing Style Charts Every Guy Needs Right Now

So you can look like the super-hot dude you were meant to be.

1. Know the differences between American-, British-, and European-cut suits.

2. When it comes to buttons, follow these easy rules.

3. Before you throw on that shirt with that tie, STOP! And take a look at these helpful color and pattern combos.

4. This helpful guide to patterns can also help. From the center: suit, shirt, and tie combos.

5. Speaking of patterns, here's a helpful guide to punchy plaids.

6. If you're buying a suit, you should definitely try these ~quirky~ tricks.

7. Once you've got your suit figured out, you can pick the best shoes to go with it.

8. And about that suit... Here's how it should fit.

9. Still confused? Here's a more detailed guide on how pants, shirts, and jackets should fit.

10. Here's a helpful guide to the difference between different pants lengths. Typically, you'll want something between a half and quarter break.

11. Know your collar.

12. But wait! Maybe you're in the market for a tux? Consider these rules...that you should break.

13. First things first: Here are what colors go with other colors.

14. For the best sleeve roll ever, try this simple technique.

15. Figuring out the difference between business casual and smart casual and semi-formal can drive you batcrackers. This should help:

16. Looking for a simple way not to muck it up? May we suggest:

17. Learn the key to a totally boss pocket square.

18. Bow ties? You got this.

19. Are you ready for this? Eighteen ways to tie a necktie. EIGHTEEN WAYS! That's a lot of ways!

20. Learn the secrets of the universe — aka how to put on cufflinks with the greatest of ease.

21. Keep your scarf game on lock.

22. Not sure what the difference between an Oxford and a loafer is? NOW YOU KNOW!

23. Find the right sunglasses to make you look like a rock star.

24. Here's how to properly pack your shirts to maximize space and minimize annoying wrinkles.

25. And finally, you're gonna wanna wash all your awesome swag (though you should definitely probably dry clean your suits and dress shirts). Here are what all those symbols on your clothes mean: