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    15 Cats That Are Definitely Planning To Sleep Through The Next Four Years

    Sleeping through it, one day at a time.

    1. Do you ever look at your cat and think "man, you have it so easy?"

    2. All you do is eat kibble, poop in a box, and sleep ALL THE DAMN TIME.

    3. Your life isn't stressful.

    4. Cats don't have worries.

    5. They don't have cares.

    6. And they don't have jobs.*

    Twitter: @okaysanaa

    *Unless you count being petted.

    7. This is their life 18-23 hours a day.

    8. All tucked in and nowhere to go.

    9. Floofin' out under the covers.

    10. Napping the days and nights away.

    11. And just generally being chill AF.

    12. Sometimes they'll share the bed with friends.

    13. But just as often they're fine rolling solo.

    14. Chasing mice in their dreams.

    15. And purring away under a bunch of blankets.

    16. And honestly, they deserve it. Is there anything as tough as being this cute?

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