Yo, What's Happening Behind Cara Delevingne?

    You can commence with the "BuzzFeed paid you to write this?" comments now.

    Yeah, yeah, here's Cara Delevingne and her girlfriend Annie Clark at Chanel in October. BUT THE REAL STAR?

    This little lady.


    Is she a ghost?

    She's def. working some broke Victorian doll realness.

    Along with some Edouard Manet-chillin'-at-the-beach vibes.

    And giving off some 1950s mannequin energy.

    With, like, a tiny spoonful of Effie Trinket.

    She's v. Little Bo Peep.

    Whilst also achieving the human embodiment of a children's tea party.

    Shine on, beautiful, demure, pink-cheeked stranger. You are a strange mystery.

    UPDATE The fancy lady has been identified as PETITE MELLER. She's a singer or something.

    You can watch her video here:

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