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Ben & Jerry’s Made Non-Dairy Ice Cream And Vegans Are Losing Their Minds

Been walking in the dairy-free desert so long.

YOU GUYS. Ben & Jerrys just announced it's releasing four non-dairy flavors.

After years of hearing vegan and lactose-intolerant customers beg for a B&J of their own, the new flavors are made with almond milk and are certified vegan.

So what are the flavors? Coffee Caramel Fudge and P.B. and Cookies.

Also, Chocolate Fudge Brownie and CHUNKY MONKEY.


People are freaking out, of course.

There were tears.

God was invoked.

Potential debt was incurred.

And things took a vaguely sexual turn.

The line is going to be priced at about a dollar more than regular Ben & Jerry's — so save your ice cream pennies.

And ENJOY!!!