21 Amazing Tips To Turn Your Bathroom Into A Fancy AF Oasis

    Turn your bathroom into a Zen wonderland.

    1. Definiely keep some fancy-ass plants in your bathroom to keep the air fresh and your space green.

    2. Fresh flowers also never hurt anybody.

    3. If you enjoy baths you definitely need a bathtub tray.

    4. Towel rods — they're not just for towels! You can use them to hang things like these cute wicker baskets, which can store all your towels and bathroom linens.

    5. You can also DIY a wall-mounted storage unit for makeup, brushes, and cotton swabs out of pallet wood and mason jars.

    6. Or simply DIY a bunch of cans with the color of your choice.

    7. Use an antique cake tray to display all your makeup and skincare goodies.

    8. Don't skimp on the candles!

    9. Buy shampoo and conditioner in bulk and transfer them into cute as hell containers.

    10. Invest in some good Turkish cotton towels.

    11. And rather than hang your towels on towel rods, why not use a fancy and cool ladder instead?

    12. Instantly upgrade your bathroom by keeping your accessories in the same color family. Neutrals are definitely classy af.

    13. If you don't have a ton of storage — and who the heck does? — store your extra towels out in the open by rolling them like this:

    14. Or try using a plant stand for storage instead.

    15. You can find a matching tooth brush holder, soap dish, and soap dispenser at the Container Store or on Amazon.

    16. Just because it's your bathroom doesn't mean it can't be decorative AF: Go ahead and design a cute gallery wall if you want.

    17. Or decorate with some cool vintage pharmacy bottles.

    18. Go ahead and DIY this faux-luxe pom-pom bathroom rug. It looks so sweet on your feet.

    19. Change out that old vinyl shower curtain for a fabric one.

    20. For the ultimate luxurious SHOWER EXPERIENCE, get yourself a damn shower radio or speaker.

    21. And finally, indulge in a good robe, because nothing feels better than some soft terrycloth after a relaxing shower.

    Happy relaxing!