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    Posted on Apr 5, 2017

    21 Amazing Tips To Turn Your Bathroom Into A Fancy AF Oasis

    Turn your bathroom into a Zen wonderland.

    Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

    1. Definiely keep some fancy-ass plants in your bathroom to keep the air fresh and your space green.

    @algaspringbed / Via

    2. Fresh flowers also never hurt anybody.

    @littlediamond_d / Via

    3. If you enjoy baths you definitely need a bathtub tray.

    @nicferr90 / Via

    You can make your own or buy one from Etsy or Amazon.

    4. Towel rods — they're not just for towels! You can use them to hang things like these cute wicker baskets, which can store all your towels and bathroom linens.

    @bingabingashop / Via

    5. You can also DIY a wall-mounted storage unit for makeup, brushes, and cotton swabs out of pallet wood and mason jars.

    @upcycleddecorri / Via

    Get the basic idea here.

    6. Or simply DIY a bunch of cans with the color of your choice.

    @sincerelycarey / Via

    7. Use an antique cake tray to display all your makeup and skincare goodies.

    @hogilai / Via

    8. Don't skimp on the candles!

    @thebhousehold / Via

    If you don't feel like spending a bunch on expensive scented candles, you can do a lot with a bag of tea candles. Get a bag of 100 for $9.95 from Amazon.

    9. Buy shampoo and conditioner in bulk and transfer them into cute as hell containers.

    @organizingjunkie / Via

    Get similar bottles from Amazon for $15.92.

    10. Invest in some good Turkish cotton towels.


    Turkish cotton towels will dry you SO FAST and they're SO SOFT. Get them at Amazon for $39.99 for a set of four.

    11. And rather than hang your towels on towel rods, why not use a fancy and cool ladder instead?

    @houseofgrayling / Via

    You can get one made from reclaimed wood from Amazon for $24.95.

    12. Instantly upgrade your bathroom by keeping your accessories in the same color family. Neutrals are definitely classy af.

    @paulbournehomes / Via

    13. If you don't have a ton of storage — and who the heck does? — store your extra towels out in the open by rolling them like this:

    @penelopecustom / Via Instagram: @penelopecustodio

    14. Or try using a plant stand for storage instead.

    @classicallyorganized / Via

    How pretty is that?

    15. You can find a matching tooth brush holder, soap dish, and soap dispenser at the Container Store or on Amazon.

    @soleorganizer / Via

    Getting a nice soap dispenser means that you can skimp and get a thing of liquid soap in bulk and ~nobody will know~.

    16. Just because it's your bathroom doesn't mean it can't be decorative AF: Go ahead and design a cute gallery wall if you want.

    @thehappycocoon / Via

    17. Or decorate with some cool vintage pharmacy bottles.

    @organizerjanet / Via

    You can usually find them on eBay for pretty cheap.

    18. Go ahead and DIY this faux-luxe pom-pom bathroom rug. It looks so sweet on your feet.

    I'd lie to you and tell you I'd make it myself. but who am I kidding? I've never DIY-ed anything in my life. But you can! You're way handier than me.

    19. Change out that old vinyl shower curtain for a fabric one.

    @buboliving / Via

    You can get a plain white waffle fabric curtain on Amazon for $24.95.

    20. For the ultimate luxurious SHOWER EXPERIENCE, get yourself a damn shower radio or speaker.

    @naturavilanova / Via

    My fave bluetooth speaker is the UE Boom Wonderboom, which is both waterproof and shockproof. You can get it from Amazon for $99.99.

    21. And finally, indulge in a good robe, because nothing feels better than some soft terrycloth after a relaxing shower.

    Mine is from Pottery Barn and it is amazing. For a more affordable option, try this Seven Apparel robe from Amazon for $18.99.

    Happy relaxing!


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