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    Oct 4, 2017

    Bartenders Are Sharing The Dumbest Things Customers Have Done, And It's Too Real

    "Did you pass the bar exam?

    On Tuesday, the hashtag #StupidQuestionsForBartenders started trending, and bartenders began sharing the silliest things people had said to them.

    Is there an "unhappy hour?" #StupidQuestionsForBartenders

    There were ~jokes~.

    If I order a screwdriver, can you make sure it's a Phillips head? #StupidQuestionsForBartenders

    Like, a lot of ~jokes~.

    #StupidQuestionsForBartenders Did you pass the bar exam?

    And just a general high level of cluelessness.

    Why the hell would I want rocks in my drink? #StupidQuestionsForBartenders @OpenMicRejects

    People clearly don't understand how olives work.

    Do your Martinis come with gluten-free olives? #StupidQuestionsForBartenders @TheHashtagGame @HashtagRoundup

    Orrrrr gin and tonics.

    Or just, like, BEING DRUNK.

    If I take one more shot, will you give me my keys back? #StupidQuestionsForBartenders

    I mean, isn't it obvious?

    What's in a rum and Coke? #StupidQuestionsForBartenders


    #StupidQuestionsForBartenders Why don't you serve Miners? They work hard getting coal out of the ground. Don't they deserve a drink?


    #StupidQuestionsForBartenders Can I have a coke to go with the rum I have in my purse.

    The moral of the story? Sometimes it's better to say nothing at all.

    #StupidQuestionsForBartenders is your bar tender ?